Friday, May 31, 2013


Well, I'm back again. So anyways the time on here is wrong it's actually 11:52 where I live and I wrote that last post a few minutes ago. So I am looking for something good to watch but in the end I will probably end up watching Cupcake Wars on On-Demand. I love Cupcake Wars! I miss Project Runway guys! I'm not a huge TV person but I love shows like that and Property Brothers <3 So, how are you today? Lol, now I am just rambling. Well anyways I recently purchased the Twilight Graphic Novels on my IPad and they are amazing, they have so much detail and vivid illustrations. Bye now!
Oh and does anyone know anything about stardoll? Someone recommended it to me.

~Stay Beautiful~

- Nora (Also known as Apple)


Hello! This is random but I wanted to share a few things about myself! You can call me Nora or Apple! I love to read and write and on this blog I will post anything I guess! Umm! So... Thanks!

~Stay Beautiful~